Foundation for European Forest Research

European forestry and forest research

In Europe, forests cover over 30 % of the land area and provide a wide range of goods and services for society, from nature values to recreation and from berries to sawn-wood and paper. Our welfare depends on the sustainable production of goods and services that forests provide.

High-quality research provides a sound basis for decisions on our future environment. Questions related to forests and environment are more and more solved by international agreements.  The European cooperation in forest research is needed to support the decision-making regarding the future role of our forests and forestry sector across the Continent.

The key issues for the European forest research are:

• sustainable development of forest environment: maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems for future generations;
• the economic value of forests: sustainable production of timber and non-timber forest products (NTFP);
• the role of forests in providing work opportunities and welfare in rural areas;
• wood as a source of energy;
• forests and climate change: the role of forests as carbon sinks mitigating the greenhouse effect; and
• the recreational and cultural values of forests.

Facts about the Foundation

The Foundation for European Forest Research (FEFR) was established in 1997 to support the research community to tackle the aforementioned challenges. The main aims of the Foundation are:

• to offer grants for international forest and environmental researchers; and
to support the operation of the European Forest Institute, especially in Joensuu.

The FEFR promotes forestry and environmental research with a European dimension. It is a non-profit making organisation which does not operate as a business. Donations and wills received by the FEFR are used to establish and sustain funds directed to the distribution of research grants.

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