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Implementing Natura 2000 in forests: lessons learned and looking ahead
27 September 2017, Brussels

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  • What is the state of biodiversity in Europe’s forests?
  • How is Natura 2000 implemented in forests, and what do we know about its effects on biodiversity and forest management?
  • What policy-relevant conclusions can be drawn for Natura 2000 in the future?

Natura 2000 is the backbone of the EU’s biodiversity policy. Nearly one quarter of the EU’s forests are part of the world's largest network of protected areas. The policy is known and appreciated for its “integrative approach”, aiming to combine biodiversity conservation with sustainable use. At the same time, conflicts have characterized the implementation of the policy, and doubts have been expressed whether it is effective when it comes to the current implementation practices.

This event presents the findings of a European interdisciplinary scientific study conducted by a team of 20 scientists from 11 research institutes in 11 countries.

Registration will open in early August.

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